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Our Products

Our products are selected for their quality and artisan elaboration in Spain.
Used trough out Spanish gastronomy, they are traditional in nature, open to innovation in spirit  and they offer their character wherever used.



Olive Oil

Smoked paprika

¨Pimentón de la Vera¨

Smoked paprika is tied to the region of La Vera.

 Its unique flavour results from been smoked over the embers of holm oaks.

This smoky intensity is unmistakable and lends Pimentón de la Vera certain culinary attributes that international chefs are really beginning to value. 

Spanish Olives


Gordal - Verdial - Cacereña

Spanish olives are a traditional element of the healthy Mediterranean-inspired diet.

They are packed with great nutritional benefits.

As  ingredient they are a simple, colorful and flavorful way to instantly increase the health appeal of any dish.

Our olives are strong and robust all on their own, their unique taste and texture can create more than  one impressive solo dish. 

Bomba Rice

The Spanish Paella Rice

Bomba Rice is a japonica tipe rice that absorbs tree times its small round size.

It resist overcooking carring the flavour like no other rice.

Our Bomba rice is from La albufera de Valencia

Spanish Veg. Preserves

Pepper - Asparagus - Garlic

Clay & Paella

Cooking Wares

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